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CCNA certification can help boost career and opportunities available

What is CCNA?

The terminology CCNA is an abbreviation for a Cisco Certified Network Associate. It refers to a certification from the Cisco systems which is a multinational information technology company based in the San Francisco area.

Cisco systems are based in the silicon valley which is a technology hub and a host to various IT companies. The company develops and distributes high-end technology, hardware, and software used in networking.

Cisco has specialized in specific markets in the telecommunication industry such as domain security and energy management. The company was founded in 1984 by Sandy Lerner a former director of computer facilities at the Stanford University.

There are no requirements or prerequisites for one to become certified by CCNA and it’s basically considered to be associate career level. Cisco certification has various certifications offered by Cisco Systems.

Categorically there are five ways aspiring network designers can achieve certification. and like any other field of study CCNA, there are different levels and these include:

1) The entry-level CCNET

2) The associate level CCDA

3) The Professional level CCDP

4) The Expert level CCDE

5) Architect CCDE.

Apart from that the certifications are also nine different paths specifically tailor-made in the field of CCNA routing and switching 200 125 (or CCNA r&S). The various paths a designer can choose to pursue once certified includes design, industrial networking, internet security, service provision, service provision operations, storage. networking and Wireless.

The number of opportunities in this field varies depending on one’s interest, opportunities in this field include, specialist technicians, sales, work in data center certifications and working as certified instructors.

CCNA r&s is a very popular exam.

CCNA Certification cost about USD$300.
Cisco technicians after training are equipped with the skills that enable them to diagnose, repair, restore and replace Cisco networking devices at customers places of work.

Individuals who work in the information technology industry or hold computer-related positions or job descriptions can highly benefit from attaining CCNA certification and credentials. Like many computer related CCNA certification jobs, individuals have the advantage of being able to work from the comfort of their homes.

CCNA Certification Exam

Individuals interested in getting certified can simply accomplish this by doing self-study using the relevant materials and practice exams, CCNA lab, CCNA 200 125 is the exam code and There are also online classes offered by various institutions that specialize in offering training and CCNA exam cost preparation.

CCNA exams can be taken from authorized Cisco CCNA exam centers and you are required to take two CCNA test cost in order to achieve certification. The CCNA cost and how it can help boost long-term career success.


There is a gap in the IT job market especially when it comes to network engineers, holding a Cisco CCNA certification proves your credential to install and configure small networks.

CCNA Salary

Earning a cisco certified network associate salary can be the career push or the start one might need, It is a very lucrative credential to hold interns of both opportunities and salaries. Recent surveys have it that network engineers and administrators who are CCNA certified are earning an average of $18,000 to $100,000, all this varies and depends on your job title and description.

Cisco CCNA salary

According to recent studies, the cities with the highest number of CCNAs are in New York City, Chicago, Atlanta and San Jose in California where the average CCNA certification salary is $95,000. This field also has women domineering in terms of salary despite the fact that compared to their male counterparts they only form 6% and that’s CCNA Average Salary.

Individuals interested in CCNA may also be conflicted about another Cisco certification known as CCENT. This particular certification usually appears to be an entry level certificate.

Once you get the CCENT certificate after passing the required ICND1 exams you can consider the certification as half the journey or the first half of completing the CCNA topics.

The question which most people interested in getting certified find themselves asking is whether to pursue CCNA or CCNET but the fact is training and pursuing the latter will only enable you to have broader skills but less networking knowledge.

Individuals may choose to pursue CCENT certification if they want jobs that require you to interact with network engineers but do not necessarily mean that you have to be one.

The conclusion, however, is that it’s relatively important for any I.T or Computer science students to consider having Cisco certification in their resumes.

There are no prerequisites for someone to get certified and the opportunities one is exposed to are vast and highly applicable in the world moving forward digitally. There will always be a gap left to fill in the field of networking, internet security, and demand for more network engineers.